10 Reasons to add Quinoa to your daily diet!

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10 Reasons to add Quinoa to your daily diet!

  1. Indian Quinoa is the best healthy alternative to starchy grains. Highly cherished by nutritionists and health seekers, Quinoa comprises high nutritious value and fine taste. With twice the amount of protein in comparison to rice, Quinoa is the source of rich minerals, vitamins and fibre. It is least allergenic among all grains and can be enjoyed by all ages.
  2. Quinoa pronounced as “kin-wa”, is a type of a cereal which is rich in protein & is not a grain but a seed, which can be prepared and used as any other grain. Usage of Quinoa dates back to at least 3000 years as Inca Empire considered Quinoa as “Mother of all grains” and used it extensively to increase the stamina of their warriors.
  3. A super food, Gluten free Quinoa is high in protein. It contains more protein than any other grain. Quinoa is the only plant product containing all the nine essentials amino acids making it an excellent choice of food for vegetarians. Quinoa is rich in vitamin B, E & minerals especially iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, magnesium & copper.
  4. With twice much fibre than other grains, Quinoa helps relieve constipation, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels and increases satiety; hence helps with weight loss.
  5. Quinoa contains powerful, disease fighting bioflavonoids like Quercetin and kaempferol, which have shown Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral and Anti-depression effects in animal studies.
  6. Given the low Glycaemic index and high nutrient profile, regular consumption of Quinoa can heal metabolic derangements. A human study showed Quinoa could significantly improve blood sugar, insulin and triglyceride levels in comparison to other gluten free grains. 
  7. Organic Quinoa is rich in Prebiotic Compounds that nourish our healthy gut bacteria thus valuable in inflammatory gut diseases like IBS and Crohn’s disease.
  8. Saponins, the bitter and soapy compound found in the outer layer of Quinoa may cause allergies and intestinal disruptions. Ensure that the Quinoa you buy is machine washed to remove 100% saponins to avoid this undesired side effect.
  9. Quinoa is also known for its versatility. Although it is actually a seed, it is prepared as a grain and can be substituted for rice in any cuisine or traditional Indian dishes. You can enjoy quinoa in kitcheri, upma, pulao, biryani, pongal and curries, even desserts like kheer.
  10. With an impressive Nutritional profile, Quinoa is certainly a great super food and so the Quinoa Corporation calls it rightly the “Super grain of the Future”.

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