Atishoo!!? No more...Beat the Double Cs!

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Atishoo!!? No more… Beat the Double Cs!

 ‘Tis the season of coughs & colds! Sure, you’re vaccinated, and protected from the Covid bug, but Cough and Cold, and that niggling Chest Congestion – the dreaded Double Cs – can still pin you down. As the mercury plummets, let’s slay the ‘Twin Troubles’ with some high-power care.

But here’s the thing: Turns out that it may not be the cold that’s causing the Double Cs but a nasty microscopic creature: a virus. Or as it happens, 200 of them! 

Ready to toss the concept of the ‘seasonal cough and cold’? Not so fast. 

Cold air dries out mucous membranes allowing bugs easy entry into your body. But even as you sneeze and wheeze, you’ll notice the lucky ones who never seem to fall victim to the dreaded Double Cs. Superpowers?
 Nah! Just better immunity.

Up your immunity and banish the bugs 

-       Yaas! Time to spoon up that chicken broth for your dose of antioxidants. Fill up on citrus and don’t forget grandma’s recco, the humble amla, to get your load of immunity-boosting Vitamin C. 

-       Catch the ORGANIC INDIA buzz on honey, it’s the best. ORGANIC INDIA’s Organic Honey is certified organic wild forest honey, collected from the upper Himalayas. Comes loaded with immunity-boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
 Slather on toast, pour a smidge into herbal tea (sure-fire remedy for the Double Cs!), or simply slurp on a big fat spoon. 

-       Tighten your Covid drill: wash hands, stay away from anyone with the Double Cs, avoid touching surfaces. Ramp up defences with ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger tea.

-       Tick off couture-quality sleep. Your body needs rest to rev up and give the bugs a firm push-back. Sip ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Honey Chamomile tea. Relax and get an antioxidant boost to flush away infection while you catch on some winks.  

- Cut the stress – easier said, but try harder. Pollution keeping you in? Try Suryanamaskar. Get that circulation going and those endorphins kicking in to help bust the stress. Give your efforts a boost with ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha.

- Carry home the better Chyawanprash: ORGANIC INDIA’s Chyawanprash. You get the real thing - no compromises on the super combo of healing herbs pioneered by the ancient sages in the Himalayan forests.
Made from certified organic, antioxidant-rich forest herbs and fruits, ORGANIC INDIA Chyawanprash uses mineral-rich, organic jaggery (gur) and organic honey, amla, and certified organic herbs. 

Topping the list of benefits of ORGANIC INDIA Chyawanprash is its potency as an immunity booster. Add it to your arsenal and protect yourself and your family from the lurking Double Cs. 

-       If you’re the type who notches up those eight glasses of water, no matter what, this is not for you, but most of us wait to feel thirsty. The trouble is, this season, this may not happen at all. So, fill up those bottles in the morning and guzzle on through the day. 

What if the bugs have got you?

You can beat back the Double Cs, and quickly too – here’s how. Get into overdrive on the good-food and sleep routine, and buttress your immunity warrior kit: ORGANIC INDIA Honey; ORGANIC INDIA Chyawanprash; ORGANIC INDIA’s Breathe Free capsules, a potent mix of Tulsi, Vibhitaki, and Pushkarmool.
 Go on, help your immune system deliver a knockout punch to the Double Cs!


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