Banish those Winter Woes Winter essentials for your body and skin

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Crackling bonfires; dark hot chocolate; picnics in the sun… Yes, winter’s officially here! Sadly, there is a downside: irritating sniffles, coughs, dry itchy skin, aching joints. Add to this, the drying heaters, pollution, pollen, flu bugs, and of course, Covid – and you’re pretty much done in!

So hibernate? Nah. 

Tick the checklist below and you’re home and dry.

Banish bugs! Wash hands often, avoid touching your face, and keep the sanitizer spray handy. Fortify your food with strengthening herbs and condiments: turmeric, Tulsi, pepper, garlic, neem, ginger, honey.  

Jumpstart your body in the AM with a boost of antioxidants. Switch your regular coffee or tea with ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea. Good guy ‘green tea’ pairs with a booster, ‘queen of herbs, Tulsi, packed with antioxidants to help your immune system ward off infection. Top up with a touch of ORGANIC INDIA Organic Honey Multi Floral and sip away the blues. Amp up immunity with ORGANIC INDIA’s Immunity Capsule, a blend of power-herbs Katuki and Tulsi. 

Load up on ‘Liquid Gold’. Yes! We’re talking about clarified butter aka. shudh desi ghee. The Butyric Acid in ghee pushes your immune system to go on overdrive in producing T cells – these tough fighters take up battle against invading bacteria and viruses. 

Do one better: Get in ORGANIC INDIA’s Cow Ghee, the super ghee. Made from the milk of organically raised cows, the aromatic ghee contains fat-soluble nutrients that help lubricate skin and joints to restore suppleness and mobility – bye-bye achy joints! And while you enjoy your ghee-topped khichdi, know that you are also boosting your digestion as ghee helps in nutrient absorption as well. 

Hair resembling a frizzy bush? No problem, use ghee! It acts as a super pre-wash hair conditioner to smoothen your tresses. It’s also great as a natural balm to soothe chapped lips. 

Let’s not forget the other good fat: coconut oil. The antioxidants in virgin coconut oil help reduce inflammation in the body. And of course, Grandma was right, here too: Coconut oil hydrates skin and hair au naturel. Get the best of the best: ORGANIC INDIA’s Virgin Coconut Oil. 

Show Some Joint Love. Eat well, hydrate mindfully, get moving - daily exercise ups joint flexibility. Ramp up bone nutrition – calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D. Here’s an easy way: Stock up on ORGANIC INDIA’s Osteoseal Capsules. These wonder capsules provide a bio-available source of organic calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and amino acids to support bone health and keep you fighting fit. What’s there not to love!

But dormant old pains and aches will insist on raising their ugly head! Calls for a big shout-out to ORGANIC INDIA’s Flexibility Capsules. The collective healing action of Motha, Ashwagandha, Guruchi, and Tulsi helps to ease inflammation, restore joint mobility and soothe muscle spasms.

Face it. Winter care for your skin - On a winter’s night, the pull of a warm bed is too tempting! So most times, even the basic CTM is tossed! This, when cold dry air sucks out the skin’s natural hydration aggressively. Smarten up, don’t skip the CTM routine; and add that face serum – your skin will be thanking you. (And you get to show off that winter glow.)

Check out ORGANIC INDIA KURE Facial Serum Hydrating Rose. Rose is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated skin and maintain the pH balance. It’s super nourishing too.

Indulge in a 10-minute Abhyanga - There’s little that a warm oil massage can’t fix! A 10-minute self-massage - Abhyanga in Ayurveda - with the right oil restores harmony in your system.

For aches and pains, the KURE Joint and Muscle Pain Oil by ORGANIC INDIA fits the bill to a T. With a whopping 88 Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils, the oil helps ease inflammation and calms sore muscles and joints. The KURE Tridoshic Body Oil Balancing Frankincense deeply nourishes the skin, supports healthy blood circulation, and helps restore a sense of wellbeing. 

Now that you have the basics in place, go ahead, revel in the bracing cold without fretting over winter woes!,in%20joints%20affected%20by%20arthritis.





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