Cleansing and Detoxification: The Best Way

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Cleansing and Detoxification: The Best Way

If there’s one thing the pandemic has shown us, it is that the dangers to our health can come literally out of thin air! The Environmental Protection Agency (US) lists a staggering 86,000 manmade chemicals and toxins that are present in the environment. Many of them are chemical ingredients in the food we eat; others enter our bodies as toxins we put into our food system in the name of efficiency — pesticides in the soil, antibiotics in animal feed, and more. 

Accumulated toxins trigger a range of conditions, from headaches, anxiety, allergies and obesity to digestive and respiratory disorders.

3 Golden Rules to Detox Naturally

- Start the day with warm lemon-ginger water, which gives metabolism a boost.

- Sleep well to allow the brain to function optimally.

- Drink enough water to allow for toxins to be flushed.

- Choose good foods.

But is that sufficient? In the environment we live in, we need to do more.

Go Organic: Detoxify Better

Our organs, particularly the liver, are built to flush toxins out of the system. But to perform effectively, organs need an arsenal of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants — nutrients that, ironically, we will never get from the toxin-laden food we eat!


To ensure no toxins enter your body through the very food that is meant to be your primary source of health, the solution is to eat organic. So whether it is quinoa or coconut oil – look for certified organic. 


A good place to start your detox journey is with ORGANIC INDIA, leader and pioneer of the organic movement in India and now certified organic not just domestically but in over 40 countries globally. 



Kick-start your Detox Plan

To give your detox plan a good start, it’s best to get into a disciplined programme. ORGANIC INDIA’s 21-day day CLEAN programme organises your daily intake with food suggestions, and herbal supplements and teas. This helps to flush out accumulated toxins, rev up metabolism, rejuvenate the digestive system, and optimise weight. The bonus? The programme allows access to qualified nutritionists and Ayurvedic doctors. 


Father of modern medicine Hippocrates famously said all diseases begin in the gut. One of the crucial parts of any detox system is to access high quality nutrients but without putting pressure on your digestive system. As part of the CLEAN program, you'll receive ORGANIC INDIA's powerful smoothie packet to kick your mornings off with a high-nutrient formula that is easy on the gut. To further return your body to a state of balance and wellbeing, you'll receive five proprietary formulations: Bowelcare (helps in digestion and elimination), Triphala (aids cleansing and strengthening the GI tract), Turmeric Formula (aids healthy joints and skin), Liver & Kidney Care (helps in healing and protecting these vital organs) and Neem (natural blood purifier).

And to keep you hydrated, energised, and stimulated while soothing your system with healing herbs, you'll receive four special caffeine-free infusions to reduce bloating and flush out toxins: Tulsi Tummy , Tulsi Lax , Tulsi Cleanse  from ORGANIC INDIA.

Get started on your detox journey, now, and gift yourself a refreshed body and mind as we go into the festive season!


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