Detox better: Empower your liver

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Detox better: Empower your liver!

Without toxins being regularly removed from our system, we would not be able to survive. With partial or poor elimination too, the quality of life takes a serious blow… Read on to understand the role this vital organ plays and how to support it to stay healthy and active.

One of the most important organs in our body, the liver carries out more than 500 functions to keep us healthy! However, it’s most significant task is to clean blood through detoxification – the bile produced helps rid our system of waste through excreta and urine (via the kidney). Essentially, the liver is our inbuilt detoxifier. A poorly functioning liver can spell grave health issues - from fatty liver diseases and jaundice to chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Alcohol is the largest contributor to liver related diseases in our country, but the high level of environmental pollution and other lifestyle excesses too contribute significantly to pulling down the health of your liver.

Do your liver a good turn. Here’s how…

  • Include liver function tests in your regular check-ups and get your vaccines for hepatitis A and B.
  • Eat a balanced diet with a conscious eye on keeping toxins low, cut out or limit alcohol consumption and count the glasses of water you drink in a day – should reach up to the golden eight.
  • Ensure you maintain optimum weight – exercise regularly.
  • Remember prescribed drugs may have ingredients that pressurise the liver – keep a check on what medications you consume and why.
  • Certain herbs have proven qualities that protect and help heal the liver. Offset your liver-support routine with a supplement such as ORGANIC INDIA Liver-Kidney Care which has a potent mix of the herbs bhumyamalaki, punarnava and katuki that have diuretic properties and help in the elimination of toxins, speeding up the detoxification process. It regulates fat metabolism and boosts the function of the liver. All ORGANIC INDIA supplements are made with certified organic herbs, so you are doubly benefited.


Eat more of these foods

Certain foods are particularly good for the liver – they help in pushing up production of liver enzymes and are anti-toxic themselves. Believe it or not, your morning cup of joe does your liver a good turn. Coffee helps prevent the build-up of fat and collagen – key markers of liver disease. Garlic is a great liver cleanser. Green tea, broccoli, berries, grapes, beetroot, nuts, fatty fish and olive oil are some other foods good for the liver.

Another factor which is particularly relevant in today’s times that also works in favour of the liver, is boosting one’s immunity. In fact it’s a symbiotic relationship as liver cells are responsible for the production of immunity proteins in the body, and the organ itself contains in-house immune cells.

Following a lifestyle that pushes up your immunity levels supports and strengthens the liver’s role in the immune system. ORGANIC INDIA Immunity supplement is made from organic katuki, Vana Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi. It helps strengthens the body’s response to illness and infections, giving you relief from cold and flu symptoms. Organic katuki is also known for its skin and liver healing benefits. Its anti-inflammatory properties ease respiration and heals the body from within, while katuki’s immuno-modulator activity protects and boosts the immune system.

With a few easy dietary and lifestyle changes, you can empower your liver to live the healthy life you deserve.

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