Healthy Hair is sign of Healthy Beauty

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Hair is the most noticeable part of one’s personality & appearance which sets the tone of the entire look of the body. It is associated with youthfulness & beauty in women & masculinity in men.

Who doesn’t dream of thick, bouncy shiny silky healthy hair?

Hair can be long & wavy, short & straight or frizzy which comes in many different colors, texture & style.

Taking care of hair & maintaining it throughout is a thought from styling hair to treating to protecting it with different hair care practices such as wearing a tight ponytail, using hair shampoos, hair packs, regular bleaching, highlighting, perming, cutting it in different hairstyles or blow drying, straightening or smoothening hair.

Hair loss pattern changes with the season and most of it are related to our lifestyle & genes. Our hair needs to be taken care to keep it healthy, avoiding the fall, the deterioration, the split ends, the pulls with brush & different problems that we face due to passage of time & various external factors

We all are different & what works for one person may not necessarily work for another

In today’s stressful & fast-moving lifestyle, hair is extensively affected by harmful pollution, dust, unhealthy eating habits & harmful hair treatments.

Unhealthy Diet can result in sudden hair loss due to lack of vitamins, minerals & other nutrients, for instance, if the diet is too little in protein it can damage healthy hair & inhibits body’s ability to build new hair follicle.

The importance of oil cannot be overlooked when it comes to hair nourishment.  It is a vital step for having shiny healthy hair which is very common practice since ages. It may seem old fashioned to massage your scalp & hair with oil, but it is an effective way to pamper your hair, boost hair growth.

A Splash of care with ORGANIC INDIA Hair Vitality Bhringraj Oil is the perfect herbal oil to reduce hair fall & promote hair growth. Prepared with botanical herbs, antioxidant, seed oils & pure essential oils help restore vibrant healthy hair.

Bhringraj, The King of Herbs hailing from the sunflower family is very famous for its benefits & usage in hair growth. It prevents hair fall & treats premature greying of hair, increases the volume of hair, solves dandruff problem, improves blood circulation bringing more nutrients which help hair grow.

Now let’s look at its vitality which is blended with essential organic oils

Sesame oil:- Rich in protein, antioxidant Vitamin E, B complex & minerals like calcium helps strengthen hair from roots which act as deep conditioner

Sunflower oil:- Natural moisturizer packed with amounts of essentials like oleic acid which prevents breakage of hair growth & is rich in other vitamins & minerals which contribute to product build-up & dry scalp.

Coconut oil:- Always remain on the list for hair care routine. It is unique because it is similar to hair’s natural lipid structure & able to penetrate the hair & acts as a natural conditioner. It has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties rich in antioxidants, lauric acid, medium-chain fatty acid helps to prevent dryness of scalp & hair.

Rosemary oil:- Fragrant Herb stimulates circulation thereby stimulates hair follicle & strengthens hair preventing itchy dandruff scalp hair loss & greying of hair

Lemon oil:- Powerful Anti-microbial activity. It helps clear flaky dry skin & helps restore & maintain pH balance which is very essential in the treatment of hair ensuring production of the right amount of oil

Lavender oil:- Rightly named soothing scent best known for its calming properties that help with sleep, healing & anxiety. Its natural antiseptic qualities help in improvement of blood circulation & nourish hair & lubricate the scalp.

Lemongrass oil:- It works well with other essential & carrier oil for best hair treatment. It adds shine & prevents excess production of oil in hair. It also helps to strengthen hair follicles which help fight excessive shedding & other hair damage.

Lime oil:- Like most citrus essential oils, lime oil is known for its antibacterial & antimicrobial nature blends well with a variety of oils promotes the health of hair, making it luscious & smooth.

Buy ORGANIC INDIA Bhringraj hair oil that lists essential oils content & natural ingredients are the best choices & to get the best results with a long term consistent use.

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