Herbal Allies For The Graceful Initiation of Menopause

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A woman's transition into her wisdom years can be a grace-filled time of life, an initiation to be witnessed and celebrated by her family, her society and herself. To optimize this transformation, one can initiate true wellness practices early, in the 30's if not the 20's, to ensure an empowered and graceful menopause.

Traditional Vedic Perspectives of Menopause and the Wisdom Years

In many traditional views, the life of a woman can be divided into three main seasons of a single endless cycle.

  • The springtime of life is marked by the accumulation of physicality and experience and governed by the Earth element.
  • The summer of a woman's life is marked by the activated transformation of herself and her environment and is governed by the fire element.
  • The autumn and winter of a woman’s life is marked by Wisdom and is governed by the Air and Space elements, embodied by greater vision, perspective and skilful means.

Maintain Healthy Estrogen Domain Transitions

There are many types of natural estrogens within us and at each stage of a woman's life, one distinct estrogen or another will likely dominate. Besides regulating reproductive anatomy and physiology, all estrogens, for better or for worse, also affects the brain, bone, cardiovascular system, and many other tissues. To maintain healthy levels of the estrogens you need, there is no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. In addition to this one would also want to consume certain phytoestrogens, estrogen-like molecules found in certain plants, such as organic biodynamic Shatavari and Turmeric

Support Healthy Levels of Muscle and Body Fat

Estrone (E1) is an estrogen pertinent to menopause. Unlike other forms of estrogen, it is made in fat tissue, with some generated in muscle. So the more fat you have the more estrone may be produced, as well as other challenging factors that can cause imbalances in blood sugar levels and pro-inflammatory molecules. The more fat you carry, regardless of your age, the more Estrone will be a dominant part of your experience, including experiences of early menopausal symptoms.

This connection between fat tissue and Estrone is one of the potential vicious cycles that can be avoided with a diet, exercise protocol and lifestyle that supports balanced tone and muscle. Herbs that support healthy fat metabolism and tone are contained in our Wt Balance formula. The deep terrain restorative formula LKC can be helpful for the healthy functioning of liver and kidneys, as well as Triphala, the classic formula for balancing digestion and elimination.

Keep Toxic Endocrine Disruptors Out of the Environment

Xenoestrogens (XE), literally meaning "strange foreign estrogens," are toxic insidious man-made molecules that "appear" to the body as estrogens because they can engage and activate estrogen receptors. XE's clearly disrupt physiologic estrogenic responses in human organs and in their progeny. They are found throughout our modern day environment, from food colourings to pesticides to plastics to emulsifiers to paints, are known to give breasts to 8-year-old boys, steal the masculinity and reproductive capacity from males in general, and cause both early and afflicted menstruation and menopause transitions.

XEs don’t just disrupt estrogen signalling and cell function, but also wreak havoc through dozens of functions absolutely vital to our wellness. This includes immunity, inflammatory response and even including "sanity" in the sense that memory, cognitive function and moods are certainly not impervious to estrogens, especially xenoestrogens.

With your wise choices and daily purchases, for the benefit of all beings, keep endocrine disruptors out of the environment.

Consume Phytoestrogens to Maintain Balanced Hormones

Unlike XEs, it is well known that many phytoestrogens support healthy cell division and decay when combined with endogenous physiologic estrogens. Again, a true matriarch of women's wellness herbs is without doubt Shatavri as it so deeply nourishes our core energy, optimizes sexual and reproductive function, and does a pretty good job as a detoxifying pro-liver antioxidant. Turmeric is another healthy source of phytoestrogens. Our WWB formula contains Organic Shatavari Root, Guduchi Stem, Lodhra Bark and Vana Tulsi Leaf, and is a rich source of plant-based estrogens.

Stay Juicy with Nourishing Demulcent Herbs and Metabolic Oils

As the Air and Space elements rule the Wisdom years, it is exceedingly easy to find yourself in a state of deep dehydration. It is imperative that this is reversed as to that dryness, via many mechanisms, accelerates aging. Healthy and astute kidney health are supported by LKC formula. Anti-stress adaptogens like Tulsi are important, as stress is usually the main factor in attenuated kidney function. Shatavari is a herb with the innate intelligence of hydration.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

In the last few years it has become common knowledge that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) often uses types and doses of Estrogen, like estradiol, that simply may not be right for everybody in this stage of life. In fact, HRT is often experienced as disastrous by many as it can significantly disturb the healthy balance of blood lipids, blood sugar, and systemic inflammatory responses in general. Many women have better results when they request that their Health Care Provider use more natural protocols, including phytoestrogens and "bio-identical" hormones.

Engage in Sensible Mineral Management

It's important to understand that you can have all the calcium in the world and still not have the best bones. To have healthy bones it takes the innate intelligence to skillfully manage where minerals are in the body and how they are used, how they are distributed, and how they flow daily into and out of the bones.

For this, we highly recommend Osteoseal formula. Yes, this formula supplies calcium, but that is only the mere beginning. More importantly, this formula directly supports mineral management. Shatavari is in this formula, as her phytoestrogens are renowned to support healthy bones, and she is a very nutritive plant with a great wealth of minerals, trace elements and also calcium. Harjor also supports bone health, and Sahijan (Moringa) is also in this formula as it has such an incredible array of minerals and nutrients that many people call it the Miracle Tree.


It is up to all of us to ensure that our women's wisdom years are a grace-filled higher state. An empowering initiation into menopause is part of that transition. The best way to make that transition is to live a whole life of True Wellness, and that includes knowing, creating, esteeming, and following the matriarch and the wisdom she is.

Many of the formulas are mentioned in this article and are available either as 60 or 250 capsules.

WWB 250 caps

WWB contains health-promoting herbs that include a rich source of plant-based estrogens and is exceptional for promoting wellbeing through all phases of a woman's life cycle, supports vitality and immunity, and helps reduce inflammation and fluid retention.

WWB contains: Shatavari Root  250 mg, Guduchi Stem 50 mg, Lodhra Bark 25 mg and Vana Tulsi Leaf 25 mg

Shatavari 250 caps 

SHATAVARI is the herb that is traditionally taken throughout a woman’s life and has been time-tested from the onset of menstruation (puberty) through all phases of menopause. Shatavari produces safe and natural phytoestrogens (plant based), which support and promote normal and healthy hormonal and reproductive functions. Shatavari is also a natural diuretic that helps relieve fluid retention.

Shatavari contains Shatavari Root 400 mg

Suggested Use for both formulas is 1 capsule 2 times a day with food and water. When taking SHATAVARI and WWB together it is recommended to take one of each 2 times a day. Safe for long-term use.

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