Herbal supplements and joint health

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Joint problems and inflammatory diseases are a common disability in the global population with arthritis being one of the major ailments because of various lifestyle and aging factors. Stiffness, restriction of movement and pain affect our everyday activities. Therefore joint health is of the utmost importance, especially as we age.

With winter around the corner, joint problems like stiffness, aches and pains worsen with falling temperatures. Many people experience flareups during the colder weather and combating this means moving around as you would normally do and being pain-free too.

Simple changes in our lifestyle can go a long way in helping to keep our bones and joints mobile and active. Exercise and a balanced diet are one aspect of it, but the right supplements will ensure you get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to keep those limbs nimble.

ORGANIC INDIA’s range of joint care supplements has all the essential micronutrients that when added to your daily routine will keep your muscles, bones and ligaments strong and resilient.

Our bodies require certain essential vitamins and minerals that are not always adequately absorbed through our food. A herbal supplement like ORGANIC INDIA Osteoseal, the combination of harjor, sahijan and shatavari supports bone formation, regenerates healthy cells, helps improves bone density and accelerates healing in the body.

In addition, Flexibility, a powerful formulation, supports healing and regeneration of inflamed and arthritic joints. While Motha helps in preventing muscle & joint pain, Ashwagandha enhances muscular strength and helps in building immunity.  Guruchi and Rama Tulsi build strong bones and joints to aid in better joint health.

Known for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the curcuminoids present in Turmeric Formula supplement protects the body against cellular damage and provides a significant a relief from arthritic symptoms. 

Included in your diet, these supplements can help you prevent joint problems promoting overall joint health. For immediate relief, ORGANIC INDIA Joint and Muscle Pain Oil will help relieve joint & muscle pain and swelling of the joints. Made with Classical Oil Mix, Kwan Yin Essential Oil Mix, Herbal Tincture and Castor Oil, regular use of this oil also can heal joint conditions by strengthening and repairing tissues , thereby restoring joint mobility.

In addition to adding these supplements and oils to your lifestyle, maintaining a healthy diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods will go a long way. Do not forget to keep moving and perform mild exercise to help build muscle strength that will support your bones and joints. The healthier your bones and joints, the younger you will feel!

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