Herbs: Key to combat Hypertension Naturally!

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Prevent & Control of Hypertension with Herbs

With overall prevalence of 29.8%, Hypertension is a serious communal health threat to Indians. Relentless stress, fast food culture and chocking pollution of our industrialized world constantly keeps us on edge, causing our blood pressure to skyrocket with social anxiety. With so many undiagnosed and uncontrolled high blood pressure cases, complications like Stroke, heart attacks and kidney failures are ever-increasing. In the blood pressure reading, there are two numbers observed, the higher number is of systolic and lower number is called diastolic. Ideal blood pressure should be around 120/80 mmHg, while elevation of these levels is not favourable. Vast majority of those with hypertension resort to prescribed drugs of lifetime and suffer the complications. Countless studies prove that these prescribed antihypertensive drugs increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and congestive heart failures alongside numerous undesirable side effects. Yet, they only manage the symptom not the cause of hypertension. About 90% of hypertension cases are primarily attributed to stress and lifestyle factors. When gentle organic herbs like Ashwagandha and Brahmi are taken regularly alongside dietary and lifestyle modifications, they may help regulate blood pressure effectively. These herbs have been used for thousands of years safely with great results in many chronic conditions with pronounced results. 

Ashwagandha is a strong rejuvenative herb, which has been associated with vitality and longevity since ages. Ashwagandha has been shown to regulate blood pressure, increase stress resistance, improve memory related performance, protect against inflammation, relieves anxiety, boosts immune system and helps build sexual and reproductive health. Ashwagandha is called an adaptogenic herb as it aids the body and mind to cope with challenges presented by stress. It creates homeostasis [internal balance] at physical, hormonal and emotional levels. Ashwagandha has the ability to help normalize hormone levels, whether high or low. Ashwagandha is an excellent herb to manage psycho-somatic [stress related] disorders. 

Brahmi is an ancient Indian herb, traditionally valued as a miracle brain food to enhance memory development, learning, concentration and a general tonic. It is very helpful in relieving Anxiety and stress by its calming nature. It provides great energy during day time and ensures restful sleep at night. Studies conclude that certain ingredients in Brahmi could be effective in high blood pressure. Being a potent adaptogenic herb, Brahmi is definitely a rightful choice of herb for better control of blood pressure and general stress reduction.

Heart Guard is a safe natural heart protective and enriching formula combines the benefits of three valuable heart nourishing herbs. Heart Guard helps to improve the cardiac function by providing cellular rejuvenation through nourishing the blood, strengthening the heart muscle and by improving circulation. Abundant in antioxidant, heart Guard helps protect the heart from free radical damage related to everyday stress. Heart Guard is a safe and effective herbal solution for optimal cardiovascular wellness and healthy blood pressure.
With Simple lifestyle modifications like regular exercise, healthier dietary choices, restful sleep and effective stress management are integrated along with healthy herbs, one may able to manage high blood pressure effectively without prescribed drugs. Talk to your herbalist or Naturopath about using herbs to normalize blood pressure. If you are already taking prescribed drugs, you must check with your doctor before embarking on this wellness journey. 

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