Immunity Kits A Gift That Shows How Much You Care

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Immunity Kits: A gift that shows how much you care

Whether it’s a birthday, festival, or any special occasion, the dilemma of trying to find the right gift is one we all face! ORGANIC INDIA brings you the perfect gifting package of wellness for your loved ones. After all, what could be a better gift than the promise of good health? With carefully curated immunity-boosting products chosen with you in mind, these Immunity Kits are unique gifts – and so right for the times we are in!

Change is always good, they say, especially when it comes laced with good health! Send off the gift of good health from ORGANIC INDIA enclosing a thoughtful note with healthy ideas that show you really care. It could be a suggestion to replace one’s morning cuppa with a refreshing, health-giving herbal infusion; or to add power-packed immunity-boosting herbal supplements to daily fitness routines.

There’s a wealth of benefit in kick-starting the day with a feel-good cup of Ayush Kwath or Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy herbal infusion – packed with protective and healing herbs. The infusions are a great way to wind down at the end of the day, too. Relax and allow the warm goodness of herbs to soothe you and usher in restful, restorative sleep.

And as you begin to open up to your limited group of friends and family, a wonderful ritual you can begin practicing is to welcome all your guests with aromatic brews of these immunity-building infusions. Go on, spread the feeling of well-being – so apt for the times we are in.

Your bouquet of goodness would be incomplete without a collection of immunity-boosting supplements so the gift kits pack in a selection of power-herbs that play a significant role in immunity-boosting. In the hurly-burly of urban living, it may not be possible to consume raw herbs daily. ORGANIC INDIA supplements are an easy solution. They come in convenient glass bottles and maybe had any time in the day at home or at work.

The goodness of immunity-building infusions
Ayush Kwath has pepper which is enriched with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and ginger – a unique treasure house of 24 anti-oxidants! The anti-inflammatory nature of cinnamon, and the blood-purifying properties of Giloy in the Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy infusion work from within, helping build up resistance. The ‘Queen of Herbs’, Tulsi, wards off respiratory infections, and reduces stress. Both infusions are certified organic so your gift packs more punch.

ORGANIC INDIA’s Ashwagandha supplement is made with certified organic Ashwagandha root. It increases germ-fighting agents in your system such as white blood cells and platelets. The highly-valued herb helps de-stress and is a natural treatment for a tendency towards infections, cold and flu. The Immunity supplement, made with certified organic herbs, Katuki, Krishna, and Vana Tulsi, strengthens one’s response to illness and infections while reducing stress. The herb Katuki optimises your digestive powers and keeps stomach ailments at bay. 

ORGANIC INDIA’S Turmeric Formula is made with certified organic turmeric and pepper. The active agent in turmeric, curcumin, drastically reduces inflammation in the body while supporting blood and liver function. Remember the Haldi you consume in your dishes daily may not suffice –curcumin comprises only 3% of Haldi. Also, pepper is a thoughtful ingredient to mix in – it enhances the absorption of curcumin. 

The supplement Giloy, made with organic Guduchi stem, is yet another immunity-boosting supplement that must form part of your immunity-boosting pack. The Guduchi stem is effective in treating all types of infections and acts as a potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal agent.

ORGANIC INDIA’s Gifts of Health:

Immunity Kit Essential
This comes with 25 Ayush Kwath Infusion bags, 25 Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy Infusion bags and 60 capsules each of Ashwagandha and Immunity.

Immunity Kit Enhanced
Get more bang for your buck with the Immunity Kit Enhanced – 25 Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha Infusion bags, 25 Ayush Kwath Infusion bags, 60 capsules each of Turmeric Formula, Immunity and Giloy.

Immunity Kit Advanced
You can also go the extra mile and gift your loved ones the Immunity Kit Advanced complete with 25 Tulsi Ginger Turmeric Infusion bags, 25 Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy Infusion bags, 60 capsules each of Ashwagandha and Immunity and 500gm of Chyawanprash. Made with a variety of potent Ayurvedic herbs, Chyawanprash is a rich source of Vitamin C that boosts immunity by enhancing the functioning of the heart, brain and liver.

Tried-tested-trusted down the centuries by Ayurvedic practitioners - Chyawanprash, Turmeric, Giloy and Ayush Kwath are recommended by the Government of India as powerful immunity-boosters.

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