In Dedication to Dr. Narendra Singh (1935 - 2012)

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In 1998, the founders of ORGANIC INDIA met with Dr. Narendra Singh, an MD and researcher who spent more than forty years using a holistic approach in researching medicinal herbs, studying single herbs and combination preparations through modern scientific experiment and pharmaco-clinical trials. His efforts consolidated in the development of an extensive range of herbal medicines for the preservation of human health and treatment of disease. ORGANIC INDIA’s collaboration with Dr. Narendra Singh led to our world famous Tulsi Tea Collection and successful line of effective healing herbal medicinal formulations.

As a medical doctor who used both herbal and allopathic medical treatments, Dr. N. Singh was a pioneer in the modern scientific investigation of the traditional Ayurvedic and medicinal herbs of India. Dr. N. Singh was Director of the International Institute of Herbal Medicine (IIHM), Lucknow; former Head of Indigenous Plant Pharmacology, King George's Medical College and Ayurvedic Research Institute, Lucknow, and a visiting Professor of Naturopathy, Unversity of Lucknow.

He was perhaps best known for his award-winning research on the adaptogenic and anti-stress properties of classic medicinal/Ayurvedic herbs, most notably Tulsi and Ashwagandha, and their broad array of therapeutic and life-enhancing properties, with vast numbers of published and peer-reviewed papers. His research on Tulsi is compiled in Tulsi, The Mother Medicine of Nature.

Have you ever wondered why we use whole herbs instead of extracts?

According to Dr. Narendra Singh, whole herbs are far superior – and safer – than extracts. Here’s why:

  • Herbal Medicines are most effective and active in their naturally occurring whole form
  • A synergy of naturally occurring constituents is vital in phytomedicine
  • Vedic scriptures emphasize whole herbs with intact prana (life force)
  • Science confirms that vibrational information affects DNA function
  • Extracts concentrate some substances and remove other bioactive compounds
  • Isolation alters the whole plant’s natural phytochemical interactions
  • Extracts lose the innate eco-balance and can diminish the total activity
  • Chemical Isolations may become more potent – but also more toxic
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Dr Narendraji (as he was affectionately called) was a great advocate of organic biodynamic herbs, and often said: "Its Only Ayurvedic If Its Organic!"

Dr. Narendra Singh was the recipient of endless gratitude from thousands of people whose lives he saved and improved.

ORGANIC INDIA's commitment is to continue his life's work through the ongoing research and development of True Wellness herbal products.

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