Is acne giving you sleepless nights

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Is acne giving you sleepless nights? 

Then here's how you can let your skin breathe freely and glow without worrying about Pollution. Really, read to know more... 

Acne is every person's nightmare! It starts right at puberty and while it diminishes in as they enter adulthood, some face it even as adults. As teenagers, everyone’s exasperated with acne right from school and then later in college. A common problem, especially in humid places, is having oily t-zone hence a zit or two zit a month, which then leaves an acne blemish once the zit settles is a regular issue. So over the counter, we all have had purchased tons of the products to get rid of acne and blemishes. But honestly, the results haven't ever been gratifying!  

Constant traveling due to work leads to more problems as one is exposed to pollution and dirt which makes it even more difficult to get relief from this problem. Mom's and friends give you many homemade recipes to heal acne but they also turned out to be more like the OTC products that I had already used in the past. 

ORGANIC INDIA's Kure Anti-Acne Masque is beautifully different than all the products that either dry your facial skin or make it blotchy and dull. Chemical-free and a blend made with organic ayurvedic ingredients make it safe to use and help the skin absorb in the required toxin-free purifiers that unclogs the pores and clears away dead skin making the look clean and radiant. 

ORGANIC INDIA’s Kure Anti-Acne Masque has the right blend of some of the few key ingredients like Multani Mitti, black clay, Vacha, Amalaki, Talispatra. All of us have used a few of these ingredients separately, more of homemade but the right mix to cure acne is what ORGANIC INDIA has it.

I no more have to rush to doctor or experiment with my skin as reducing stress and a few tweaks in lifestyle can help aid the skin look younger and better every time you use an anti-acne masque. As the organic blend uses zero toxic chemicals unlike the masques available in the market. It’s a holistic way to exterminate all your skin woes with a pure Kure! 

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