Keep Cool Calm and Clear This Summer With Tulsi Coolers

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Tulsi coolers are a refreshing way to enjoy the restorative wonders of Ayurveda’s Queen of Herbs to uplift your energy, enhance your well being and delight your taste buds!

All ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi and Tulsi Green Tea blends are made with natural herbal extracts, so no further flavours are required to enjoy cooled preparations.

All you need to do is steep your tea, cool the preparation, add a squeeze of lemon if you like: relax, and enjoy!


  • Use double the strength when serving Tulsi cooled.
  • Place 2 tea bags or 2 heaping teaspoons of Tulsi per serving in teapot or cup.
  • Pour 1 cup per serving of freshly boiled water over the leaves or infusion bag.
  • Steep for 5 – 10 minutes or longer: the longer you steep, the stronger the infusion.
  • Strain the tea or remove the infusion bags, and add fresh lemon or natural sweetener if desired.
  • Cool the preparation in the refrigerator for several hours if possible, or add a little ice to serve immediately.

Keep a convenient pitcher of Tulsi cooler in the fridge or carry in a thermos to keep you and your loved ones cool, calm and clear this summer.

You may get surprised to discover a new favourite Tulsi blend once you start experimenting with cooled preparations.

Perhaps you’ve always loved chilled Tulsi Mulethi – but have you tried exotic Tulsi Green Pomegranate as a cooled preparation or Tulsi Sweet Lemon

Our new range containing premium black tea such as Tulsi Green Tea Earl Greyer and Darjeeling tea is also a huge hit as coolers! 

If you’d like to experiment, try these recipes preparing Tulsi as a vitamin-enriched Fruit Infusion or a cool Coconut Refresher.

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