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With the world facing a global health situation, the need for self-care and strengthening our immune system has never been more pressing. While properly washing your hands, avoiding public spaces, and minimizing travel is a good idea, keeping your immunity strong will help your body effectively fight off infection and disease. 
Support your immune system with the whole benefits of centuries-old, natural, ayurvedic herbs and spices – ORGANIC INDIA’s range of organic-certified, supportive care includes Amalaki, Ashwagandha, Breathe Free, Turmeric Formula, and Immunity Capsules. The 100% vegetarian, no-chemical range is packed in glass bottles and powered to help prevent fight cold & cough, protect against infections, support a healthy respiratory system, and boost overall health & immunity.
 Ashwagandha – Helps Relieve Stress & Builds Vitality
· Helps treat low energy states & general exhaustion
· Helps prevent cold and flu.
· Acts as a powerful anti-stress agent
· Helps support mental & physical health 
Immunity – Helps Boost Immune Response
· Unique blend of organic herbs to help lungs detox
·  Katuki helps ease breathing during seasonal woes
·  Helps support healthy respiratory function
·  Helps reverse the negative impact of allergies.
Turmeric Formula – For Healthy Inflammation Response
·  Centuries-old natural spice with numerous health benefits
·  Over 90% Curcumin extract in turmeric, is anti-inflammatory & acts as an antioxidant.
·  Helps naturally boost the immune system
·  Helps prevent and fight cough and cold effectively
Breathe Free – For Respiratory Relief
·  Perfect combination of potent, immunity enhancing herbs
·  Pushkarmool helps treat chest pain, cough, and respiratory discomfort
·  Ideal supportive care for travelers and those susceptible to frequent breathing issues 
Amalaki – For Vitamin C & Antioxidant Boost
·  Powerful rejuvenating herb with countless health benefits
·  Rich natural source of Vitamin C
·  Helps boost immunity
·  Loaded with natural antioxidants

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