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The prostate gland is a major problem in ageing males, especially those touching 60, and it is absolutely essential to not let it grow as that may lead to acute urine issues, painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and cancer. If you are a man and having a frequent urge to urinate and there is weak flow of urinate with an inability to empty your bladder, there’s reason to worry.

The walnut-sized gland sitting at the base of the bladder, is a part of the male reproductive system. The enlargement process of this gland often begins at 40 but that’s gradual and with few or no symptoms. According to one estimate, 85 per cent people over age 60 report an enlarged prostate which is part of the normal process of ageing. It is, thus, a good idea of taking preventive steps and not rush to the doctor when the situation has grown complex. ORGANIC INDIA has just the right answer for your worries.

Its entirely herbal and 100 per cent certified organic Prostate Care Capsules go a long way in supporting a healthy prostate and normal male uro-genital function. The motha rhizome, neem leaf, turmeric rhizome and Rama Tulsi collectively reduce symptoms of enlarged prostate and maintaining healthy PSA levels, as also restoring male energy. It is, beyond doubt the best medicine for BPH, Prostate-specific antigen and prostatic hyperplasia.

Motha is a natural source of Beta- sitosterol which aids healing enlarged Prostate and has strong and proven anti-inflammatory property much like turmeric that comes loaded with anti- Prostate cancer properties. The neem does its bit with its immuno-protective and anti-microbial properties which prevent and help heal Prostate cancer, not to mention, Rama Tulsi an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-pyretic wonder herb which is a natural source of ursolic acid and is rich in antioxidants.

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