Punch pollution and breathe easy

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With the natural goodness of age-old herbs and remedies that have proven their worth over the years.
In India, pollution is the second highest contributor to disability and death. Both indoor and outdoor air pollution have been triggering several acute ailments such as asthma and chronic bronchial inflammation, causing over 1.8 million deaths annually.
The ill-effects of pollution get manifested in disorders of many organs in the body, the prominent ones being inflammation of and damage to the airways in the lungs which result in asthma, respiratory infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and, sometimes, even lung cancer. The effect on children is particularly bad because their small airways and lungs are more vulnerable to toxic injury. The elderly, too, are highly at risk of several health issues due to air pollution.
Allopathic medication treats ailments symptomatically and often comes with side-effects. Alternate therapy, on the other hand, has for centuries vouched for organic herbal preventions which have worked as a long-term shield against rising pollution levels.
Did you know that the holy herb of Krishna Tulsi has long been considered a powerful tool to combat air pollution? So much so, that thousands of Tulsi saplings have been planted around the Taj Mahal in Agra to protect the marble of this iconic monument of love from environmental pollution damage. In humans, Tulsi has been found to protect the organs and tissues from all forms of pollution. 
Even when you’re at home, you’re at risk of several health issues including irritation of nasal passage and respiratory tract, and throat allergies because of the pollutants present in the air. The good news is that all these can be prevented by making a positive lifestyle change and switching to certified organic and entirely herbal solutions like ORGANIC INDIA’s Breathe Free supplement. Breathe Free works wonders when taken in combination with the Turmeric and Immunity supplements of ORGANIC INDIA. 
Breathe Free is a mix of organic Tulsi, Pippali, Purhkarmool and Vibhakti fruit, all of which can clear your airways, protecting you from the disruptive effect of air pollutants. Besides being entirely organic and herbal with no side-effects, Breathe Free helps safeguard the body cells and organs, and detoxify them, ensuring pollution-triggered asthmatic episodes are kept at bay. It also naturally tackles shortness of breath. The powerful properties of antioxidant-rich Tulsi relieve coughing. Pushkarmool is a known enemy of asthma. Pippali or long pepper is a super herb that purifies your lungs and eases breathing.

The ORGANIC INDIA Immunity capsules are good for respiratory and upper respiratory tract infections, cold and flu. All these ailments can get complicated and aggressive in a polluted environment, so it is a good idea to include Immunity in your daily schedule – it shall up your strength to fight the ill effects of pollution.
And then there is ORGANIC INDIA’s unique Turmeric Formula – these capsules aid a concerted fight to defeat any kind of pollution-related inflammation which may lead to lung inflammatory diseases. The curcumin in the Turmeric Rhizome is the main anti-inflammatory agent which works well to clear the blockage of the respiratory tract, bronchitis and even shortness of breath.
Pollution may be a big threat…but include the triple protection shield - of Breathe Free, Turmeric and Immunity capsules - to counter the ill-effects of pollution in your daily life.


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