Reboot Your Body The Organic Way

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Reboot Your Body The Organic Way

Here’s a 7-day plan to bring your body back to a state of balance after the excesses of the festive season. 

‘Tis the season to be jolly and you’ve been making the most of it by partying out since Christmas. We get it, you got to decompress. Who knows when life will come to a standstill again with omicron just about ready to blow up in our faces. So yes, we get it, you’ve been living like there’s no tomorrow – eating, drinking and generally making merry.

But hey, you are adults; you know there’s always the morning after. Come January and you will find yourself waking up feeling nauseous, bloated and heavy-headed. It’s your body’s way of protesting against the onslaught of unhealthy fats, refined sugars, processed foods and alcohol it has been subjected to. Party times over folks, it’s time to undo the excesses of the last week. 

What you need is a cleansing regime that will help remove the toxins and the kilos you’ve piled up these past few days. ORGANIC INDIA's week-long Clean Detox Program is an excellent way to help your body achieve this. Quick and efficient, it has been designed by experienced doctors and Ayurveda practitioners to bring tremendous emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Before you detox

While the ORGANIC INDIA Clean Detox Program is entirely complete and effective by itself, you can do several things to increase its efficacy. Start making these small changes just three days ahead of the plan to maximize its benefits:

·       Drink about two liters of water every day. Water aids digestion enhances nutrient absorption and helps remove waste from your body.

·       Take a break from refined sugars with ORGANIC INDIA raw jaggery or honey. All those desserts you’ve been bingeing on contain processed white sugar which is known to trigger oxidative stress, a condition caused by the excessive production of cancer-causing free radicals. 

·       Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables in rainbow colours for an infusion of antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals from your body. They will help spruce up your digestive system too.

·       Cook your food with pure, organic ingredients to ensure no toxins enter your body through the very food that is meant to be your primary source of health. A good place to start your detox journey is with ORGANIC INDIA, leader and pioneer of the organic movement in India. 

·       Bouncing on a mini-trampoline can assist in the optimum functioning of the lymphatic system. It works by forcing the millions of one-way valves in the lymphatic system to open, increasing lymph flow by up to fourteen times. Gentle bouncing for at least 10 to 15 minutes will stimulate your lymphatic system, says Ellen Kamhi in her book, Alternative Medicine Magazine’s Definitive Guide to Weight Loss.

·       Put a stop to all alcohol right away. Alcohol is mostly metabolized in the liver and abstaining from it can help reduce fat build-up and inflammation. This further helps the liver to better filter waste and toxins from the body.  

·       No more late nights; go back to getting a good night's sleep. Do you know that toxins and excess proteins can build up in the brain over time? Lack of sleep keeps your brain from resting and reorganizing itself and flushing these harmful fluids out.

Getting started

ORGANIC INDIA’s 7-day day CLEAN program clears the way for your organs and systems to perform optimally while enhancing the body's natural healing ability. It organises and disciplines your daily intake with food suggestions, herbal supplements, and teas. This helps to flush out accumulated toxins, accelerate your metabolism, rejuvenate the digestive system, and optimise your weight. 

As part of the Clean program, you'll receive ORGANIC INDIA's powerful smoothie packet to kick off your mornings with. To further help return your body to a state of balance and well-being, you'll receive five proprietary formulations: Bowelcare (helps in digestion and elimination), Triphala (aids cleansing and strengthening of the GI tract), Turmeric Formula (promotes healthy joints and skin), Liver & Kidney Care (helps in healing and protecting these vital organs) and Neem (a natural blood purifier).

Along with these come Tulsi Tummy, Tulsi Lax, Tulsi Wellness, and Tulsi Cleanse - four soothing, caffeine-free infusions that will keep you hydrated and energised. They can also help reduce bloating, puffiness and speed up the elimination of toxins from your system. 

Apart from the actual product, you also get free consultation and guidance from qualified nutritionists and Ayurveda experts for the duration of the program. You can ask for tips, suggestions and even personalised diet plans based on your body type. 

So, what are you waiting for? With ORGANIC INDIA by your side, jumpstart your post-party detox right now. 

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