Your fail-safe winter skin-care routine

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Your fail-safe winter skin-care routine

One-size-fits-all – is definitely not an adage that one can apply to skincare. Skin, the largest organ of the body, is not just individualistic, but it also has different reactions to the changing seasons. Revisiting your skincare routine according to the season’s stimuli, is all-important to maintain and nourish your skin, and get that beautiful glow.
 The dip in temperature, and fall in humidity across most of the country, make winter especially harsh for our skin. We need to up the game to ensure skin vitality and health, this season. This is where the role of Ayurvedic cleansers, serums, and oils takes center stage. Facial tissue is delicate and needs extra care but you need a good routine that takes care of the entire body
 in order to ensure good skin even during harsh winter conditions. 

Ayurvedic skin care products are mostly a combination of potent whole herbs , flowers, nuts, seeds, and fruits. Ayurveda believes in healing each layer of the skin, naturally, from within. The products are not laden with chemicals and are instead, rich in antioxidants and have natural healing properties - the boon of this ancient Indian science. 

Here are some must-follow steps to get your winter skincare regime on point:

Stay away from soap-based cleansers

Soap-based cleansers dry out the skin of natural oils and increase its vulnerability to the ill effects of environmental pollutants. Opt for cleansing products that are enriched with botanicals and clay to help soothe the skin and keep it hydrated while cleaning the dirt and grime. ORGANIC INDIA KURE Facial Ubtan Cleanser Amla & Aloe Vera meets these requirements perfectly.
 Amla is a natural healer, and aloe vera soothes the skin and helps restore moisture while speeding up cell rejuvenation. The purified clay, enriched with minerals, fights pollutants to enhance skin healing. A throwback to the traditional ubtan, part, and parcel of India’s rich legacy of natural beauty, the 
KURE ubtan leaves you feeling clean and refreshed as no chemical-laden cleanser can.

 Moisturise & Moisturise More!

Cold winds strip the skin of its natural oils leaving it dry, lifeless, and vulnerable to many ails. The regular moisturisers may not be enough to nourish and protect skin this season, as they often replenish only the top layer of the skin – the skin barrier. Serums are your go-to this season as they penetrate deep and heal and nourish from within. Serums also help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

ORGANIC INDIA KURE facial serums and oils, made from natural Ayurvedic herbs and oils, help heal, nourish and impart radiance to winter skin, without the harsh intervention of chemicals. 

-       ORGANIC INDIA KURE Facial Serum - Hydrating Rose, an Ayurvedic formulation, is a powerful hydrating product that is infused with rose extracts that have anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin and maintain a healthy pH balance. Just a few drops of this lightweight serum after cleansing the face will moisturise and nourish it with the nutrients that the skin needs most to stay supple and radiant.

-       ORGANIC INDIA KURE Facial Serum - Nourishing Jasmine is infused with the healing benefits of white jasmine flowers. This delicate, fragrant serum is known to nurture and firm up skin. Made from soothing and rejuvenating herbs and oils, it nourishes and moisturises your skin to give it a natural glow. Lightweight in texture, it gets absorbed quickly and may be used as frequently as you need. 


-       ORGANIC INDIA Facial Serum - anti-agingrestores the nutrients in your skin, and is a powerful natural anti-aging composition. The active ingredient frankincense, which is a gum resin obtained from an African tree, is known to have potent anti-ageing properties that help smoothen fine lines and fade dark spots and blemishes. It improves the tone and elasticity of the skin and defends against dark spots.


-       ORGANIC INDIA Kumkumadhi Brightening Facial Oil. This fragrant oil is an elixir that is infused with saffron and carefully chosen herbs to give your skin a natural glow. Massage a few drops into your face with gentle upward strokes after cleansing, and gently rinse off after 15 minutes. You may leave it on overnight for best absorption. 

Body Care is equally Important

While facial skin is delicate and exposed 24/7, and therefore requires focused care, the rest of the body cannot be neglected and must be protected from the vagaries of winter. This is the season when body oils are a must in your bathroom. As moisturising lotions are a combination of water and oil, they have larger molecules that penetrate only the upper layer of the skin, unlike body oils. Lotions do a wonderful job of locking moisture in the skin to keep it hydrated but body oils keep the skin youthful with their deeper absorption and are a must for extra hydration.

ORGANIC INDIA KURE Men’s Body Oil is specially formulated for men with an incredible combination of 75 nourishing Ayurvedic herbs. Ashwagandha the main herb, relieves stress and uplifts the mood, relaxing and revitalising the mind, body, and spirit. This massage oil may be used any time of the day, before or after a bath, and keeps skin smooth and hydrated.


ORGANIC INDIA KURE Women’s Body Oil is rich and nourishing and is made with 80 Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils. It enhances moods, relieves stress, and boosts skin health. Infused with Shatavari and Rose Geranium, powerful botanicals, this soothing oil nurtures the skin and refreshes the mind while pampering your body


ORGANIC INDIA KURE Tridoshic Body Oil is a delicate, aromatic oil that balances the doshas, and may be used by men and women. It nourishes the skin and is absorbed into the skin to support blood circulation. Frankincense is known to have properties soothe the mind and body.

Go on, make this winter truly rejuvenating, refreshing. And be your beautiful best!

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