English - Arjuna                                                                          

Hindi – Arjuna (अर्जुन)

Sanskrit - Kakubha

Latin – Terminalia arjuna

General Description –

A large tree goes height up to 60- 85 feet, with supported trunk and horizontally spreading branches. Flowers are yellow and leaves are conical.  Its leaves are dull green above and brown below. Bark are smooth grey, peeling off in large flat pieces, curved, outer surface smooth and grey and inner surface fibrous and pinkish with taste bitter and astringent. Sapwood (outer layer) reddish white, heartwood (inner layer) brown, variegated with dark colour irregular patches.

Useful in-

Its bark is bitter and sweet, tonic, expectorant, diuretic, preservative against infectious diseases, useful in heart diseases, anemia,  maintain cholesterol level, excess perspiration, asthma, hypertension, internal and external haemorrhage, reduces inflammation, regularize the heartbeat, heart burn etc.

Used in-

Heart guard, Lipid care

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